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Deputy Defence Minister detained in Russia: suspected of bribery

Former employees of Ukraine's Security Service exposed on fuel fraud – photo

Scandal erupts in Hungary over evidence of corruption in Orbán's government

Most Ukrainians think battling corruption is president's responsibility – survey

Corruption damage. What is it and how to get compensation?

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Ukrainian Defence Ministry official detained due to corruption – photo

Zelenskyy on corruption in Ukraine: "Everything is clean"

Ukraine's Defence Ministry prepares new mechanism to ensure no army procurement scandals in the future

Ukrainian Parliament's Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy recommends revising draft law on mobilisation

Pre-trial restriction chosen for Ukrainian Defence Ministry official suspected of embezzling US$39 million

UK Defence Intelligence: Corruption thrives in Russian army, undermining military effectiveness

Former Chairman of Ukraine's Supreme Court released from pre-trial detention centre

Corruption Perceptions Index: Ukraine shows one of the best results in the world over a year

A road with a clear goal: what is behind the results of the 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index

US$38 million embezzlement attempt thwarted in artillery shells procurement for Ukrainian forces

Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv detains son of businessman involved in MoD procurement case

Prosecutor General's Office to request arrest and US$13 million bail for son of businessman involved in MoD procurement case

InformNapalm intelligence community gains new evidence of Russian influence worldwide through corruption and economic projects

Armed Forces colonel and businessman caught in defence fraud – photo

Activist Dana Yarova appointed advisor at Defence Ministry – photo

Ukrainian Defence Minister on fight against corruption: The system is resisting, but we will overcome it

Defence Ministry comments on embezzlement during munitions procurement: funds will be recovered

EU believes that Ukraine has walked only quarter of its path to defeat corruption

Head of Ukraine's defence state-owned enterprise tried to cash in on purchase of equipment for Su-27 aircraft – photo

Former National Guard unit commander suspected of causing US$700,000 in losses

Lithuania suggests sending advisers to Ukraine to help with reforms and fighting corruption

The fog of war in the fight against corruption: what preceded the European Commission's decision

Zelenskyy's office denies that Ukraine is "very corrupt", saying such challenges exist worldwide

Ukrainians consider corruption biggest problem besides war − Kyiv International Institute of Sociology