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ISW: Russia is trying to challenge Armenia's sovereignty

Armenian banks will stop accepting cards using Russian Mir payment system

Zelenskyy will not visit Armenia and Azerbaijan due to Baku's decision

Zelenskyy to visit Armenia and possibly Azerbaijan early next week

Zelenskyy plans visit to Armenia

Armenia is not on Russia's side regarding the Ukraine issue – Armenian PM

Lukashenko condemns Armenia's absence on Collective Security Treaty Organisation summit

Armenia rejects Russia's claims to participate in meeting on Ukrainian Peace Formula

Armenia participates in Peace Formula meeting for first time

Azerbaijan plans to invade Armenia – Politico

Zelenskyy meets with Armenian Prime Minister for the first time

EU, Russia and US held secret talks before one-day war in Nagorno-Karabakh

"The world is getting smaller" for Putin: EU welcomes Armenia's ratification of Rome Statute

Kremlin regrets Putin will now have to give up travelling to Armenia

Armenia ratifies Rome Statute despite Russia's anger

Armenian PM hints at inefficiency of Russian security guarantees

Entrance to Russian Embassy in Yerevan doused in red paint

Kremlin indignant at Armenia for "unfriendly steps", including aid to Ukraine

Armenia sends Ukraine first assistance since start of war – digital devices for schools

Wife of Armenian PM to visit Kyiv and deliver aid

Armenian Church in Ukraine condemns "blessing" of Armenians for war against Ukraine

Armenian battalion blessed for war in Moscow in presence of organiser of groups inciting violence on Euromaidan

Armenian authorities promise Russia not to extradite Putin to Hague

Russia irritated by Armenia's intentions to recognise ICC jurisdiction, which wants to arrest Putin

All direct flights on 21 September from Russia to Istanbul and Yerevan sold out after Putin's speech