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Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainian military regains positions near Robotyne – ISW

Situation south of Robotyne is unstable, complicated and dynamic – ISW report

Ukraine's Armed Forces advance in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and near Bakhmut, Russians on offensive on Avdiivka-Donetsk line – ISW

20 Russian vehicles and 3 ammunition depots destroyed on Tavriia front over 24 hours

Russians deploy equipment and troops in occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Armed Forces gain ground near Verbove, Russians on defensive

Ukrainian Armed Forces repel Russian attacks near Hrihorivka, Klishchiivka and Andriivka − General Staff report

Ukraine's forces possibly make breakthrough on Robotyne-Verbove line – ISW

Russians construct fortified area north of Tokmak

Commander of Tavriia operations group to announce good news from Tavriia front

Russians plunder mineral resources in Donetsk Oblast, issuing licences for mining

Ethnic tensions among Russian military threaten their defences – ISW

Russians on Melitopol front use civilians as human shields – General Staff

59 Russians killed and 4 ammunition storage points destroyed on Tavriia front over past day

Russians fail to regain positions near Klishchiivka or drive out Ukrainian defenders near Marinka – General Staff report

Air-raid warning issued in Zaporizhzhia Oblast: threat of use of aerial weapons

Russian-occupied Tokmak struck; casualties occur due to Russian air defence operations

Ukrainian military goes deeper into Zaporizhzhia Oblast – ISW

Air-raid warning issued in two oblasts because of missile threat

We move from one forest patch to another – Ukrainian defenders on offensive near Robotyne

Defence Forces destroy over 50 units of Russian military equipment on Tavriia front

Explosions ring out in occupied Tokmak and Berdiansk

Ukrainian Defence Forces pursue their offensive near Verbove in Zaporizhzhia Oblast – General Staff report

Former Russian space agency chief becomes "senator" for occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainian Armed Forces break through Russian defence in Verbove

Ukrainian troops raid Dnipro delta near Kherson – ISW

Russians steal pets in Tokmak due to lack of money – General Staff

Ukraine reaches Russia's last defence line in Zaporizhzhia Oblast − ISW

Fire station damaged in Orikhiv by Russian attack

Ukraine's Defence Forces continue their assault south of Bakhmut – General Staff report