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Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russians attack Huliaipole: Houses destroyed, resident wounded – photo

Russians attack apartment building in Orikhiv: Entire entrance destroyed – photo

Radio Liberty journalist wounded while filming at front line

Russians actively conduct airstrikes in southeast for three days in row, using chemical weapons

Russians continue their attacks on 7 fronts where Ukrainian defenders restrain them − General Staff

Russians actively attack on Avdiivka front, without success − General Staff

Russian forces make insignificant advances near Donetsk and Verbove – ISW

Russians hit 4 oblasts with missiles: 4 people killed, 33 more injured

Russians kill 2 people in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainian defenders drive Russians out of some positions near Verbove – General Staff

Putin's administration appoints overseer of information space in occupied territories – ISW

Russian attack kills Zaporizhzhia Oblast resident on his birthday – photo

Positional fighting continues near Robotyne – ISW

Two civilians killed in Russian attack on village in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russians conduct most attacks on Avdiivka front – General Staff

Russians recapture positions near Verbove, seized by Ukrainians in summer counteroffensive – ISW

Ukrainian military commander: frontline dynamics shift as Russians intensify efforts across all fronts

Almost hundred combat engagements take place over past day – General Staff

Russians lose up to 400 people a day near Avdiivka

Russia "buys" evidence against Ukraine in occupied territories

Three explosions thunder in Russian-occupied Tokmak

Explosions ring out in occupied city of Tokmak

Russians try to storm Ukrainian position in left-bank Kherson Oblast – General Staff

ISW observes slight Russian advance in five areas

Russians increase number of attacks on Zaporizhzhia Oblast, civilians wounded – photo

Total of 89 skirmishes occur on battlefield over past 24 hours, Russians advance on six fronts – General Staff

Russia carries out over 80 strikes on Zaporizhzhia Oblast over past day

Russia conducts intense attacks on 6 fronts where 110 combat clashes occurred – General Staff

Defenсe Forces repel 42 attacks on Avdiivka front − General Staff

Air defence downs Russian missile over Zaporizhzhia Oblast