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Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainians seem to have broken through Russians' first defence line in south – СNN

Ukraine's defence forces gain ground on two fronts in south

Ukraine's Special Operations Forces publish video showing their work on driving Russian forces out on approaches to Robotyne

Russian forces activate tactical aircraft in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukrainian forces consolidate positions near Novoprokopivka, Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Ukraine's Air Force destroys 11 drones out of 20 overnight

Zaporizhzhia Oblast faces threat from Russian UAVs

Russians urge residents of occupied south to sign contracts with Russian army

Ukrainian defenders enter Robotyne, evacuate civilians – Defence Ministry

Ukrainian defenders gain ground near Robotyne

Ukrainian forces gain tactical success in Robotyne – ISW

Explosion rings out in occupied Berdiansk for second time today

Russians tactical aircraft steps up activity in Ukraine's southeast

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia Oblast with drones, injuring civilian

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia Oblast, killing woman

Ukrainians break through minefield towards Tokmak

Ukrainian forces advance near Robotyne – ISW

Ballistic threat in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Russia hits Komyshuvakha in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, damaging educational facility

Ukrainian Air Force warns two oblasts of missile threat

Ukrainian defenders down second Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter in one morning

Russians set up hospital on premises of civilian building in Zaporizhzhia

Russia looking for opportunities to hold positions on left bank of Dnipro near Kherson – UK intelligence

Russia attacks Zaporizhzhia district at night, killing 2 civilians

Ukraine makes "tactically significant" progress in counteroffensive – NYT

Defence forces gain partial success near Robotyne in Zaporizhzhia Oblast – General Staff report

Russians attack Orikhiv: Police captain killed, 12 more people injured

Russia deploys air assault forces to Zaporizhzhia where local commander was sacked after his complaints – UK Intelligence

Defence forces achieve tactically significant success in western Zaporizhzhia Oblast – ISW

Russians plan to switch power unit 4 of Zaporizhzhia NPP into cold shutdown mode due to technic malfunction