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Oleh Pavliuk

journalist at European Pravda
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EU promises to help restore Okhmatdyt hospital destroyed by Russia

Czechia calls Russia "trash of humanity"

Hungarian PM hesitates to condemn Russian strike on Okhmatdyt hospital, calls for "ceasefire" instead

Orbán sends EU cynical letter about "peace for Ukraine" after meeting Putin

Foreign ambassadors come to Okhmatdyt hospital, which was targeted by Russia – photos, video

Germany reports on sending Patriot and Leopard 1 ammunition to Ukraine

Putin's response to "peace proposals" – Ukraine's foreign minister comments on Russian strike on Kyiv children's hospital

Zelenskyy criticises US for refusing to invite Ukraine to NATO

UK Reform party leader denies sympathies for "dangerously clever" Putin

Former NATO secretary general says that Putin's "Plan A" has failed, next year will be crucial

Former NATO secretary general criticises Scholz for indecision in supporting Ukraine

Germany increases arms exports by 30% in year's first half, with two-thirds going to Ukraine

Russia wants to split EU and NATO – Swedish defence minister

Orbán may meet with Zelenskyy next week, probably in Ukraine

Ukrainian and Polish foreign ministers discuss EU accession and military assistance in Warsaw

Bulgarian President won't attend NATO summit due to disagreement over support for Ukraine

US and Israel negotiate providing Ukraine with 8 Patriot systems

In May, Russia lost over 1,000 soldiers killed and wounded daily – NYT