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Zelenskyy: Putin will not stop until he loses

Zelenskyy outlines what a diplomatic end to the war should look like

"Diplomatic solution" to Ukraine war involves Russia keeping occupied territories, says Foreign Minister Lavrov

Abandoning nuclear weapons and internal rebellions: Senior Ukrainian official explains when talks with Russia are possible

Polish Foreign Minister comments on pushing Ukraine to negotiate by comparing it to Chamberlain's policy

Putin will keep fighting wars until he dies. What's the point of negotiations? – Kuleba

Zelenskyy and his team will never agree to frozen conflict – official

Russia must participate in peace talks – Swiss foreign minister

Estonian President on motivations behind ceasefire talks

Ukraine, G7 and Global South countries hold secret meeting on "peace talks" with Russia – Bloomberg

Putin's signals of readiness to stop war are being sent to prevent military aid – ISW

Italy's Defence Minister calls for talks to end war in Ukraine

Ukraine's Ambassador denies Germany is putting pressure on Ukraine to negotiate with Russia

Putin sends signals of willingness to freeze war – New York Times

Iranian President to meet with Putin in Moscow

Zelenskyy: Partners are not pushing Ukraine to talk with Russia due to static battle lines

Russian Foreign Ministry on Zelenskyy's Peace Formula: Nothing to discuss on such terms

Ukraine and Italy start negotiations on security guarantees

Germany and US refute Bild's article about pushing Ukraine to start talks with Russia

Head of Ukraine's leading party claims Russia proposed "peace" in exchange for neutrality

Ukraine's Foreign Minister: No one can seriously use words "Russia" and "negotiations" in same sentence

There will be no Minsk 3 agreement during Zelenskyy's presidency – President's Office

EU denies that discussions with Kyiv have started on possible peace talks with Russia

Zelenskyy: No one in EU and US puts pressure on Ukraine regarding negotiations with Russia

Zelenskyy: There is no stalemate, and there will be no talks or concessions

Time for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia isn't yet ripe – Italian Defence Minister

US and EU officials discuss possible negotiations with Russia with Ukraine

Ukraine's Foreign Minister states there are no secret negotiations with Russia

Russian Defence Minister brings up negotiations about Ukraine again

"Peace" initiatives with unacceptable propositions no longer being talked about – Ukraine's Foreign Minister