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Cherkasy Oblast

Resident of Cherkasy Oblast sold information about Ukrainian forces to Russia – photo

Explosions in Cherkasy Oblast, Kharkiv, and Lviv Oblast’s Drohobych; missiles manoeuvring in Ukraine's west

Death toll from 29 December Russian missile attack on Cherkasy Oblast rises

Russian missile hits residential area of Smila, Cherkasy Oblast: casualties reported, houses damaged – photo

Air defence responds in Cherkasy Oblast

Explosions heard in Cherkasy Oblast

Oil terminal hit alongside grain storage facilities in Russian attack on Uman on 1 October

Russian forces hit grain storage facilities in Cherkasy Oblast, causing major fire

Russian forces hit infrastructure facility in Cherkasy Oblast

Russians spread fake news about alleged Ukrainian plans for terrorist attack on Hasidic pilgrimage site

Air-defence in action in Cherkasy Oblast

Air defence in action in Cherkasy Oblast

Over 30,000 Hasidim want to come to Uman for Rosh Hashanah

Russian large-scale missile attack on 7 Ukrainian oblasts: 3 killed, fires, much destruction

Russians hit Smila in Cherkasy Oblast with missiles: part of city without water

Infrastructure facility damaged in Zhytomyr Oblast, strike recorded in Cherkasy Oblast after drone attack

Threat of Russian ballistic missiles and UAVs in several regions at night

Russia carries out missile attack on Uman, people injured

Death toll in Uman rises to 23 including 4 children

Three days of mourning announced in Cherkasy Oblast after Russian attack on Uman

Fire, smoke and destruction: video shows first few minutes after Russian attack on Uman

Russian missile strike on Uman: 7 civilians killed, 27 apartments destroyed, 33 cars damaged

Russian missile destroys multi-storey residential building in Uman: 7 dead, including a child

Russian missile and drone downed over Cherkasy Oblast

Ukrainian Air Defence operates in Kyiv and Cherkasy Oblasts

4 police officers killed and 4 injured in mine blast in Kherson Oblast

Explosions rock many oblasts of Ukraine, air defence activated

Air defence activated in Cherkasy Oblast during air-raid alarm

Russians hit critical infrastructure facility in Cherkasy Oblast

Russians attack Cherkasy Oblast