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high treason

Former police officer involved in bombardment of Hroza village faces charge of treason

Former Ukrainian MP Kuzmin's state treason case heads to court

Retired colonel who spied for Wagner Group intelligence sentenced to 15 years in prison – photo

Russian attack on cafe in Kramatorsk: Ukraine's Security Service reveals motives of forward observer

Former Ukrainian Security Service general may be released in Serbia in December, BBC reports

Man who adjusted Russian missile at Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration sentenced to life imprisonment

Traitor convicted for guiding over 120 pieces of Russian military equipment to Kyiv's outskirts

Traitor who leaked locations of Special Operations Forces during occupation of Kherson sentenced to 15 years

Clergyman of Moscow-linked church sentenced to 15 years in prison for treason

Ukraine's Security Service exposes three residents of Kherson who directed Russian strikes on residential buildings

Ukraine's Security Service collects evidence of treason committed by pro-Russian TV presenter

Ukraine's Security Service explains that MP's valuables were confiscated to prevent them from escaping seizure

Pro-Russian MP Shufrych faces suspicion of high treason

National Guard member who prepared Russian attacks on Ukrainian TPPs detained in Kyiv

Artillery observer of Russian strike on Sumy on 7 September detained, she faces life imprisonment

Prosecutor General want to ensure that Zelenskyy's initiative causes no harm Ukraine's anti-corruption bodies

First draft law equating corruption with high treason submitted to Ukrainian Parliament

After equating corruption with treason, some cases may be transferred from Anti-Corruption Bureau to Security Service of Ukraine

Zelenskyy wants to equate wartime corruption to treason

Ex-major general of Ukraine's Security Service sentenced for treason

Ukraine's Security Service identifies 15 collaborators preparing sham elections in Luhansk Oblast

Group of women managed by Ukrainian in Russia worked for FSB and Wagner in Donetsk Oblast

Legal adviser to pro-Russian party who worked for Russian intelligence arrested in Odesa

Traitor who spied for Ukrainian forces was promised job in Russian Federal Security Service

Court arrests MP Ponomariov who is suspected of treason

Ukrainian Security Forces have accused an opposition MP of high treason

Mykolaiv resident leaks information on whereabouts of Ukrainian authorities and Armed Forces to Russian Intelligence in Crimea

Militant from Russian armed formation known as "Crimean Self-defence" is detained in Odesa

Former head of Ukrainian Security Service in Crimea to stand trial for high treason

Ukraine's Security Service seizes assets of traitor MP from Opposition Platform – For Life party worth US$13.5 million