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Lithuanian president commends Duda for influencing Trump's stance on Ukraine

We must do everything we can to enable Ukraine to regain all territories – Polish President

Poland may transfer Soviet air defence missiles to Ukraine – Duda

Polish president hopes Zelenskyy will be wearing a suit at next Three Seas summit

Ukrainian PM discusses peace and weapons for Ukraine with Polish president in Warsaw

Russia could attack NATO as early as 2026 – Polish president

Polish President confirms there was no consensus in Paris on sending troops to Ukraine

Duda supports government meeting with Ukrainians on border

Polish president explains his controversial remarks on Crimea: "My stance is clear"

Ukrainian ambassador reacts to Polish President's doubts on Crimea's liberation

Zelenskyy discusses border blockade and "security guarantees" with Polish President

Polish President convenes urgent meeting of the National Security Bureau due to unidentified flying object from Ukraine

Polish President promises support to Ukraine on its way to NATO and EU on Euromaidan anniversary

Duda visits junction of Poland's border with Ukraine and Belarus

Duda does not believe grain dispute will affect Ukrainian-Polish relations

Polish President clarifies words of his Prime Minister on "termination" of military assistance to Ukraine

Duda explains why he did not meet with Zelenskyy in New York

Polish president on grain dispute: "Ukraine is like a drowning man, it can drag us into the depths"

Polish president plans to meet with Zelenskyy in New York

Lukashenko suddenly wants better relations with Poland; Polish president responds

Threat of explosion at Zaporizhzhia NPP is higher than nuclear strike by Russia – Duda

Polish President believes Ukraine still does not have enough weapons to prevail in war

Belarusian court claims photo of Polish President is "propagated extremism"

Ukrainian and Polish presidents arrive unexpectedly in Lutsk

Zelenskyy and Duda discuss latest events in Russia, counteroffensive and ZNPP concerns

Duda compares Russia to a wild animal that needs to be shot

Zelenskyy speaks of military aid and Ukraine's membership in NATO with Polish President

Zelenskyy spoke with Duda: we understand the importance of NATO's steps on guarantees for Ukraine

Scholz, Macron, Duda to discuss security guarantees for Ukraine in Paris

Putin hasn't lost the war yet, so don't laugh at 1960s tanks – Polish President