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Russians intensify offensive on Lyman and Kupiansk fronts

Russia deploys over 100,000 troops to Lyman and Kupiansk fronts

Russians are trying to seize initiative on Lyman-Kupiansk front

Heavy fighting continues on four fronts; 30 clashes during a day – General Staff report

Ukrainian defenders destroy Russian ammunition storage point in forest on Lyman front

Defenders on Lyman front told by Commander that time for counteroffensive is coming soon

Police discover new burials of those killed by Russia in Donetsk Oblast

Russian forces make tactical gains on Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Lyman fronts – Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Ukrainian units go for counterattack in Bakhmut: Russians leave some positions

Security Service of Ukraine releases video of informer being detained in liberated Lyman

Lyman exhumation complete: the bodies of 111 civilians and 35 military personnel were found

187 bodies already exhumed in Lyman

More bodies of those killed during occupation found in Lyman

Police exhumes first 20 bodies of people killed by occupiers in Lyman

Mass grave found in liberated Lyman

Centre of operations of the occupiers with important documentation uncovered near de-occupied Lyman

Ukrainian flag officially raised over liberated Lyman

Occupiers who survived Lyman flee to Shchastia

Zelenskyy reveals how he receives reports on the liberation: Successes are not limited to Lyman

Wreckage of Russian fighter-bomber jet found in Lyman; no previous reports about downing it

National Guard of Ukraine fighters capture Russian tank near Lyman

Lyman completely mopped-up – Zelenskyy

Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate the entire city of Lyman

After liberating Lyman, Ukrainian forces will start liberating Luhansk Oblast

Another "gesture of goodwill": Russian army announces withdrawal from Lyman

Armed Forces of Ukraine take Lyman – Eastern grouping of Ukrainian forces

Video from liberated Lyman: Russians are fleeing

Ukrainian defenders show first video from liberated Lyman with Ukraine’s flag at entrance to city

5 settlements liberated near Lyman, Donetsk Oblast 

Approximately 5,000 occupiers encircled in Lyman