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Ukraine's Defence Ministry launches project to recruit drone operators

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 02:35
Ukraine's Defence Ministry launches project to recruit drone operators
A drone. Photo: Getty Images

Ukraine's Defence Ministry is launching a project to recruit drone operators in collaboration with the Dignitas Technological Assistance Fund.

Source: Ukraine's Defence Ministry

Details: The Defence Ministry, in collaboration with the Dignitas Fund, is launching a project to recruit drone operators. The project, supported by the Dignitas Victory Drones team, aims to train and prepare drone operators.


Recruitment will be conducted through the Ukrainian Army recruitment centres. 

Anyone over 18 can become a drone operator, even without prior experience. Interested individuals can visit a recruitment centre to complete an application and receive assistance. Individuals can also start the process upon receiving a call-up notice to update their data.

Oleksii Bezhevets, the Defence Ministry's representative for recruitment, said the process begins with online courses. If the results are positive, the candidate moves on to the next stage, where they interact directly with Victory Drones specialists and commit to joining the Armed Forces and pursuing their professional duties after training.


The individual then learns to operate drones at training grounds and formalises a military service contract. Recruiters at the centres provide this information and assist candidates at every stage in the process.

The Victory Drones project will conduct specialised, multi-stage, free online and offline training that will take approximately one month. At the final stage of training, the candidate will begin the process of enlisting for military service on a contract basis with a chosen military unit and will undergo basic military training.

After that, the recruit will officially prove their drone operator skills, receive the appropriate certification, and be assigned to their selected military unit based on their speciality. 

Ihor Borokhovych, the head of Victory Drones training, mentioned that the training would include tactical medicine, psychological assistance in stressful situations and self-regulation techniques. 

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