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F-16 will be supplied as scheduled, there will be more drones – Ukraine's Defence Minister on Ramstein results

New commander-in-chief attends Ukraine Defence Contact Group meeting

Ukraine's allies discussing changes to Ramstein format – media

US Defense Secretary to chair Ramstein-19 meeting

Netherlands joins IT coalition within Ukraine Defence Contact Group

Ukrainian Defence Minister shows video of Russian tanks being destroyed by Bradley IFV at Ramstein meeting – video

Ukraine's Defence Minister on Ramstein meeting: Russia has not achieved desired results and we can outwit it

Pentagon chief opens 18th Ramstein meeting: Ukraine's fight matters to all of us

Pentagon reveals details of new Ramstein meeting: Attention to Ukraine's long-term needs

Head of Pentagon discusses next Ramstein meeting with Ukraine's Defence Minister

Latvia leads drone coalition within Ramstein format

Security in Black Sea and air defence coalition: Ukraine's Defence Minister speaks of Ramstein meeting results

Pentagon chief opens Ramstein meeting and calls for Ukraine's air defence to be strengthened

New Ramstein-format meeting planned for mid-November – Pentagon

Ukraine receives US$500 million worth of support at Ramstein-format meeting

Zelenskyy on 3 main expectations from Ramstein meeting

Zelenskyy arrives in Brussels on unexpected visit

Ukraine's Defence Minister announces Capabilities Coalition following Ramstein meeting

Newly-appointed Defence Minister Umierov takes part in Ramstein meeting for first time

Rumours that Israel hands over classified information about Ukraine to Russia discussed in Ukrainian government circles – Ukraine's Ambassador to Israel

US trained about 63,000 Ukrainian troops for offensive – Milley

Defence ministers of Ukraine and US hold a conversation: Pentagon explains what Ramstein meeting on Tuesday will be about

Ukrainian Defence Minister names date of next Ramstein-format meeting

Zelenskyy speaks of positive results after Ramstein meeting and commends Ukraine's military units

Ukraine's Defence Minister announces creation of IT coalition at Ramstein meeting

Canada and Italy announce new military aid packages for Ukraine during Ramstein-format meeting

There is good news about fighter jet coalition at Ramstein-format meeting – Ukraine's Defence Minister

Pentagon chief outlines what is to be discussed during Ramstein-format meeting

Stoltenberg named Ramstein's priorities amid Ukraine's counteroffensive

Details of "aircraft coalition" and opening of hubs for aircraft repair to be discussed at Ramstein