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Russians report 5 killed and over 120 injured after attack on Sevastopol – video

Sunday, 23 June 2024, 16:25
Russians report 5 killed and over 120 injured after attack on Sevastopol – video
A moment of strike on Sevastopol beach. Screenshot: video on social media

The Russian occupation authorities of Crimea and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation have claimed a Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol, which killed five people, including three children, and injured over 120 others.

Source: Mikhail Razvozhayev, the so-called governor of Sevastopol, on Telegram; Russian Defence Ministry on Telegram; Russian state-owned news agencies RIA Novosti, TASS


Details: The Russian Ministry of Defence reported an alleged attack on "the civilian infrastructure of the city of Sevastopol with US-supplied ATACMS tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads".

Russia's Defence Ministry also acknowledged that civilian casualties had occurred due to Russian air defence operations.

"During the repulsion of the terrorist attack, four US-made ATACMS missiles were shot down by the on-duty air defence units. Another missile deviated from its flight path due to the impact of air defence systems at the final stage, with its warhead exploding in the air above the city," the ministry said.


Civilians have been injured, Russia's Ministry of Defence says, "due to the fall of shrapnel from cluster submunitions".

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the so-called governor of Sevastopol, confirmed three deaths, including two children, and over 100 injuries.

He also lamented that the strike took place on Holy Trinity Day, despite the fact that the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine all the same, specifically Kyiv Oblast and Kharkiv, both day and night.

The assistant to the Russian health minister stated that the attack on Sevastopol injured 124 people, including 27 children.

According to social media, people were killed on Sevastopol's Uchkuyivka beach.

Yuri Grishan, the mayor of Magadan, stated that the attack killed the daughter of Magadan's deputy mayor, Oleg Averyanov, who was on holiday with her parents in Sevastopol, according to TASS.

Later, Razvozhaev claimed that the number of people who were injured had risen to five, out of whom three were children. 

In addition, he stated that five children are in intensive care, while the rest of the people affected by the attack received injuries of light and moderate severity.


This news has been updated since publication.

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