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Russians report explosions in Sevastopol

Russia uses dolphins to protect its Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol – UK Intelligence

Floating dock carrying ship sinks in Sevastopol Bay

Power cut in Sevastopol as substation was out of service

More explosions in Crimea's Sevastopol: Russian occupiers say drone seen at Sevastopol airfield

"Panic rumours" spread in Sevastopol after fire at oil depot – General Staff

Fire at oil depot in Sevastopol extinguished, occupiers say two drones involved

Oil depot on fire in Sevastopol: Russians say it was hit by drone

Sevastopol harbour heavily guarded by helicopters and combat dolphins

Russian Defence Ministry accuses Ukraine of violating "grain agreement"

Occupiers claim surface drones attack Sevastopol

Occupiers in Sevastopol decisively cancel Victory Day Parade

Sevastopol "authorities" report downing of 3 drones that attacked Russian fleet

Almost half of Sevastopol is without power: occupiers report power surge

Fire breaks out at construction site in Sevastopol: eight people killed

Occupation authorities of Sevastopol claim they shot down UAV

Russians claim their air defence shot down UAV over Sevastopol

Crimea’s occupiers state they downed two drones near Belbek airfield

Explosions ring out in Sevastopol

Explosions rock Sevastopol, Russians say they shoot down drone

Sevastopol's Russian-appointed puppet governor moves family and property to Cyprus

Explosion rang out over Sevastopol, authorities say they shot down a drone

Explosions sound in Crimea: occupying administration reports drone attack

Sevastopol "drone attack": first satellite images are published

Explosion in Sevastopol at night

Putin calls large-scale strike on Ukraine revenge for Sevastopol

Southern defence forces on explosions in Sevastopol: There are consequences if you shoot "combat mosquitoes" with S-300 missiles

Explosions in Crimea’s Sevastopol: Russia suspends ferry crossings in Sevastopol Bay

Powerful explosion heard in Sevastopol, occupiers say it was lightning

Fire at Belbek airfield in Sevastopol: occupiers say plane caught fire