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Sweden to provide Ukraine with assault boats as part of €630 million aid package

Sweden to wrap up Nord Stream explosions investigation

Swedish royals reject chocolate brand active in Russia because of war

Zelenskyy to Sweden: The day will come when joint production opens in Ukraine

Denmark and Sweden announce new military aid for Ukraine, including IFVs worth €240 million

Sweden announces €120 million winter aid package for Ukraine

Commander-in-Chief of Sweden's Armed Forces visits Ukrainian brigade on front line – video

Ukraine and Sweden discuss possible supply of Gripen aircraft

Sweden to give €6.5 million to rebuild schools and kindergartens in Ukraine

Sweden gets closer to providing Gripen fighters to Ukraine – Politico

Norway, Sweden and Denmark to jointly buy artillery shells for Ukraine

Ukraine and Sweden to start bilateral talks on security guarantees

Czechia in talks to train Ukrainians on Swedish Gripen fighter jets on its territory

Russian drone attacks Swedish journalists in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, their car completely destroyed

Hungary threatens to block Sweden's entry into NATO because of "offensive" video

Ukrainian pilots complete Gripen fighter jets training

Swedish government to consider possibility of supplying Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine

Ukraine and Sweden to jointly produce 1,000 CV-90 fighting vehicles

In Sweden, Nobel Prize ceremony facing boycott due to invite of Russia's ambassador

Swedish opposition calls for sending Gripen jets to Ukraine

Sweden currently does not plan to send Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine

Zelenskyy: Swedish-made Gripen jets nearing appearance in Ukrainian skies

Zelenskyy meets King of Sweden

Ukraine urges Türkiye to support Sweden's entry into NATO – Zelenskyy

Security guarantees for Ukraine: Zelenskyy announces talks with Sweden

Ukrainians already undergoing training on Swedish-made Gripen jets – Zelenskyy

Ukraine and Sweden will jointly produce CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles

Zelenskyy begins meeting with Swedish Prime Minister: Discuss CV-90 production in Ukraine

Zelenskyy and First Lady go on an official visit to Sweden

Sweden approves military assistance to Ukraine for 270 million euros