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We should not draw any red lines. Dutch Defence Minister Ollongren on cooperation in armament production and F-16s in Ukrainian sky

Chancellor Scholz backs idea to redirect profits from Russian assets to provide arms for Ukraine

Hungary to block confiscation of Russia's frozen assets for Ukraine

Ukraine to spend US$5 billion on domestic arms production this year

Netherlands allocate €350 million for ammunition and drones for Ukraine

Lithuania donates €35 million for Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine

EU chief diplomat proposes that EU spend almost all proceeds from frozen Russian assets on weapons for Ukraine

Germany to fund procurement of 180,000 shells for Ukraine in Czech initiative

Finland to allocate €30 million for Czech initiative to purchase shells for Ukraine

Germany to procure US cruise missiles which may replace Taurus

Germany announces new €500 million military assistance package for Ukraine

Russian frozen assets: Borrell wants to use 90% of revenues to buy weapons for Ukraine

EU to deliver half of promised 1 million shells to Ukraine by end of March

Scandal grows in Bundestag over leaked details from meeting on Taurus missiles for Ukraine

Europe will be able to produce necessary amount of ammunition

€5 billion aid is for Ukraine, not for development of EU defence industry – EU chief diplomat

EU states' foreign ministers agree €5bn in arms aid to Ukraine for 2024

UK intelligence explains why Russian arms exports have decreased worldwide

German foreign minister tries to change Scholz's mind about supplying Ukraine with Taurus missiles

Greece and Czechia hold talks to supply Ukraine with weapons

G7 warns Iran against supplying Russia with ballistic missiles

We will target Russians' most vulnerable points – Zelenskyy

European Commission allocates €500 million for companies to increase ammunition production

Portugal to contribute €100 million to Czech pact to supply ammunition to Ukraine

Zelenskyy announces more weapons made in Ukraine – video

Rheinmetall plans to open at least 4 plants in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General urges allies to speed up military aid for Ukraine

Bundestag fails to adopt resolution to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Ukraine could receive shells bought under Czech-led initiative in June

Pentagon may provide Ukraine with ATACMS missile modification with range up to 290 km – WSJ