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"Shrapnel hits from up to 500 m, a flak jacket won’t save you": the risks faced during early launches of the now-famous Ukrainian Liutyi drone

Now-famous Liutyi Ukrainian drone narrowly hit own command centre during first trials

US approves urgent sale of 3 HIMARS systems to Ukraine

Pentagon reveals contents of US$400 million military aid package for Ukraine

Biden approves US$400 million in military aid to Ukraine

Canadian armoured vehicle manufacturer Roshel to start production in Ukraine

Senior Ukrainian general forecasts critical phase of war in next 2 months

Secret weapons factories operate in Ukraine, some of them underground

Italian Foreign Ministry is against Ukraine using their weapons to attack Russia

French president thanks Chinese leader for his promise not to sell arms to Russia

Two Western countries ready to finance arms production in Ukraine

Top EU diplomat supports idea of procuring weapons for Ukraine from Ukrainian defence industry

Ukraine's President's Office rejects petition to unblock foreign weapons for Azov Brigade

Italy plans to provide Ukraine with SAMP/T air defence aid package, media report

Zelenskyy orders faster delivery of weapons from partners to battlefield

Media outlet posts video of possible Ukrainian ATACMS strike on Russian cluster in Luhansk Oblast – video

Ukraine has received Western weapons with permission to hit Russia – Latvian Foreign Ministry

Germany supplies Ukraine with ammunition for IRIS-T and 10 Marder vehicles

Slovaks raise nearly €4 million for ammunition for Ukraine without government support

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence destroys Russian latest radar system worth over US$5 million – video

Pentagon explains which weapons Ukraine will receive within US$6 billion support package

US allocates US$6 billion to order weapons for Ukraine – Austin

Air defence systems for Ukraine to be key topic of upcoming Ramstein format meeting

Ukraine withdraws Abrams tanks from front line because of Russian drones – AP

Aid for Ukraine is on the way, it's not too late to win – Stoltenberg

Russia producing weapons in excess of its war needs – German Defence Minister

There are so many drones that we just can't make it without electronic warfare systems. Why Ukraine is losing to Russia in the technology race

White House explains why US sent Ukraine ATACMS missiles back in March

ATACMS missiles included in new US aid package for Ukraine

Media say US sent long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine in March