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Belarusian Defence Ministry claims country is developing laser weapons

US prepares US$1 billion military aid package for Ukraine

Most weapons from US aid package for Ukraine are already in Germany and Poland – CNN

Russian Defence Minister announces transfer of S-500 air defence missile systems to Russian troops

​​Lithuania hands over batch of M577 armoured vehicles to Ukraine – photo

UK announces largest ever military aid package for Ukraine

First batches of ammunition from Czech-led initiative will be in Ukraine in late May or early June – Borrell

Germany disrupts supply of MRAP armoured vehicles to Ukraine – Bild

Swedish research shows military spending worldwide grew at record rates in 2023, reaching nearly US$2.5 trillion

Global military spending reached US$2.443 trillion in 2023, marking a 6.8% increase compared to the previous year, with growth rates being the highest since 2009.

Ukraine may receive weapons in less than a week after congressional approval – WP

Pentagon ready to send military package to Ukraine immediately after Congress passes bill

Netherlands provide Ukraine with €200 million for air defence

Azov Brigade asks to be removed from blacklists blocking supply of Western weapons

Why does Azov still not receive Western weapons?

"Unprecedented" move: Democrats seek to save Johnson's bills on aid to Ukraine

Ukraine strikes Russia with weapons of its own production – ISW

Zelenskyy reports positive developments in weapons production, particularly appreciating drones and munitions

Ukraine's commander-in-chief and defence minister share video of new armoured vehicle of Ukrainian production – video

Zelenskyy: Ukraine to issue 10 Bohdana howitzers for first time, more coming in May

Not a single case of arms smuggling from Ukraine recorded – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Iron Range for testing new weapons to open in Ukraine

Zelenskyy: 500 defence companies operate in Ukraine, other countries interested in Ukrainian weapons

US House Speaker Johnson discusses aid to Ukraine with White House and will "consult" with Trump

UK considers providing its latest laser weapons to Ukraine

We would not have lost Trypillia Thermal Power Plant if we had Patriot systems – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Zelenskyy holds meeting on Ukrainian missiles: Details are not public, but we have results

Ukraine's Special Operations Forces destroy Russian Borisoglebsk EW system on Donetsk front – video

US worried its drones failed to turn tide in Ukraine – WSJ

US supplies Ukraine with intercepted weapons meant for Yemen Houthis

Ukraine to receive 20 additional Marder infantry fighting vehicles from Germany