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Target and eliminate: How Ukraine's Magura drones devastate Russian ships

Russians drop 9 chemical munitions at once on Avdiivka front

Russians and Belarusians have not bargained for production of Grad MLRS parts

Zelenskyy urges West to give more air defence systems after Russian attack on Odesa – video

North Korea suspends ammunition shipments to Russia by sea

Czechia expects Ukraine to receive first batch of ammunition bought outside EU soon

Bloomberg: the UK pressures Germany to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Ukraine to hold front line until second half of 2024

European Parliament approves resolution to support Ukraine with weapons until victory

60 samples of weapons and military equipment approved in February for operation in Armed Forces of Ukraine

Military destroy 3 Russian surveillance systems in Kharkiv and Kherson oblasts

Russian strategic nuclear forces on full alert – Putin

Pentagon considers US$4 billion plan B for Ukraine support

Belgium to donate €200 million to Czech initiative to transfer 800,000 shells to Ukraine

Netherlands orders DITA self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine from Czech Republic

Ukraine's air defence success tied to advanced missiles and tactical manoeuvres – Forbes

Russians lose 30 tanks and 104 armoured combat vehicles over one week – video

West lags behind Russia in arms production, support for Kyiv is critical – Lithuanian president

15 EU countries ready to buy shells for Ukraine outside Europe

Polish Foreign Minister asks US to send weapons to Ukraine

Macron announces coalition to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

New military aid package from Germany: artillery shells, drones and demining vehicles

German Chancellor refuses to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine, fearing to be dragged in war with Russia

Spiegel: Germany in talks to persuade India to sell aid to Ukraine

US Senate advisor faces investigation for unofficially supplying sniper gear to Ukraine, NYT reports

Ukraine's Foreign Minister asks Europe to ban the export of ammunition to countries other than Ukraine

Russia unveils AI-driven drone defence system

West has not done enough to support Ukraine – UK Foreign Secretary

Zelenskyy: Ukraine would defeat Russia if it had enough weapons

Zelenskyy believes Ukraine will achieve results in Taurus missile negotiations