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UK intelligence explains why Russia loses "prestigious" missiles during launches in Ukraine

Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Polish law enforcers conduct raids and gather evidence of abuse in weapons procurement – photo

EU arms manufacturers concern about dependency on Chinese raw materials as demand rises due to war in Ukraine – FT

US concerned that North Korea is getting rare chance to test its weaponry in combat in Ukraine

Ukraine developing weapons against guided bombs – Zelenskyy

Light mine clearance vehicle is tested in Ukraine – photo

Ukraine produces 8 Bohdana self-propelled artillery systems per month – NYT

UK Foreign Secretary to call on NATO to jointly purchase missiles and shells for Ukraine

UK intelligence assesses sanctions' impact on supply of resources to Russian defence industry

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief says attack on Sumy is not the first time Russians have used 1,500-kg bomb

France to give Ukraine hundreds of armoured vehicles and missiles for SAMP/T air defence systems

Scholz stresses necessity of further supporting Ukraine in his Easter address

Funding shortage persists for Czech initiative on ammunition purchase for Ukraine – Estonian Defence Ministry

Congress must approve aid as Ukraine needs additional air defence – White House

Ukraine's Defence Minister discusses investing into French military industrial complex – photo

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief and US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman discuss defence against Russian strikes

Ukraine could receive 1 million shells in April from Czech-led initiative, media reports say

New aid package from Germany: ammunition, drones and mine-clearance vehicles

Czechia to allocate funds for its initiative to buy ammunition for Ukraine

Germany may transfer 10,000 shells to Ukraine in a few days

Armoured vehicles coalition holds first meeting in Warsaw

Kyiv Forensic Expertise Institute assesses Russia's cutting-edge Zircon missile

The best job in the world – and the toughest. Inside the basement held by infantrymen defending Chasiv Yar

Ukrainska Pravda reports on Ukrainian infantry troops' daily life under the largely Russian-controlled skies, with ammunition – and, critically, personnel – running low

Rheinmetall to receive €130 million from EU to expand ammunition production

France to supply 78 Caesar self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine soon

Ukrainian Foreign Minister calls on West to provide Ukraine with air defence

Ukraine's Foreign Minister reports Germany's dissatisfaction with Ukraine's calls for Taurus missiles

Poland to set up military helicopter base near border with Ukraine

Franco-German arms manufacturer to set up plant in Ukraine

Lithuania provides Ukraine with anti-drone systems