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Ukraine should strike Russia because it is self-defence – NATO Secretary General

Friday, 31 May 2024, 09:24
Ukraine should strike Russia because it is self-defence – NATO Secretary General
Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg. Photo: Getty Images

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has insisted that Ukraine has the right to strike Russian territory and emphasised that more and more allies agree with this.

Source: European Pravda’s correspondent from Prague, where a NATO ministerial meeting is taking place

Quote: "Ukraine has the right for self-defence…Russia has escalated by invading another country and Russia has escalated just [in the] last weeks by opening a new front [in Kharkiv Oblast]."


Details: Stoltenberg emphasised that his conviction is based on the defensive nature of the Ukrainian strikes on Russia.

"Ukraine must be able to defend their territory," Stoltenberg pointed out, separately emphasising that Ukraine should utilise modern NATO weapons for effective defence.

He also added that more and more NATO member states are granting permission to Ukraine to use their weapons, but did not disclose the conditions under which Ukraine’s Armed Forces are allowed to do so.


"We expect this [strikes on Russia] to be conducted responsibly," Stoltenberg concluded.


  • Key NATO member states have adjusted their positions in recent days. In particular, the White House has authorised strikes on Russia, but with limitations. Germany also announced that it would consider allowing the use of its weapons to strike Russia. 

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