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Canada imposes sanctions on Russian propagandists in occupied parts of Ukraine

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 19:21
Canada imposes sanctions on Russian propagandists in occupied parts of Ukraine
Stock photo: Getty Images

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada announced new sanctions against Russia for unleashing the war against Ukraine on 13 June.

Source: statement by Canada’s Foreign Ministry, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Canada’s new sanctions were imposed against individuals and legal entities involved in disinformation and propaganda operations, as well as against the facilities of the Russian military-industrial complex.


Canada’s restricting measures also target entities involved in sanctions circumvention that facilitate Russia’s access to sanctioned goods or to revenue from oil sold above the G7 price cap.

Among others, Anton Alikhanov, Minister of Industrial Trade of Russia; Aram Gabrelyanov, publisher who is behind Russian propagandistic projects like LifeNews; and the Pobieda air company are mentioned in the sanctions list.

The list also includes the Russian parliamentary newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, several Russian media outlets from the occupied territories of Ukraine and the Voice of Europe platform involved in the campaign to influence elections to the European Parliament.


Canada imposes a ban on the export of computer numerically controlled machine tools that Russia could use in the production and manufacturing of weapons.

On 12 June, the US announced a range of new sanctions against Russia, including those against over 100 companies in the Russian defence industry.

The UK also announced new sanctions against Russia, aimed at making waging war against Ukraine more difficult for it. Among the financial institutions that were sanctioned are the Moscow Stock Exchange, which was sanctioned by the US earlier.

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