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Ukrainian soldiers share story of capturing Russian "barn tank" and its crew

Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 12:33
Ukrainian soldiers share story of capturing Russian barn tank and its crew
A Ukrainian soldier and the captured driver of the Russian "barn tank" in question. Photo: Screenshot from video

Two combat medics from the 244th Battalion of Ukraine's 112th Separate Brigade of Territorial Defence Forces (TDF) captured the driver of a Russian "barn tank", which had been reported earlier, after he lost his way and approached them for directions to the settlement of Klishchiivka. [A "barn tank" is a Russian tank coated in additional makeshift armour to defend them from direct attacks from drones – ed.]

Source: the 112th Separate Brigade of the TDF on Facebook

Quote: "The enemy 'barn tank' that surfaced on the internet on 17 June was merely an armoured personnel carrier, as its cannon was not working. Roaming around Klishchiivka at night, he saw our M113 (alias Mka) [armoured personnel carrier] from the 2nd Battalion of the 5th Separate Assault Brigade and, thinking it was his men, started to follow it. The Mka [crew] was a little surprised that a tank was chasing it, [and they realised that it] might shoot, so it hid in a windbreak. The tank reached the windbreak, and the driver got out to ask how to get to Klishchiivka."


Details: At that time, combat medics Toiota and Mokryi from the 244th Battalion got out of the Mka and captured the driver of the barn tank. The driver's name was Tolik.

"After that, they took Tolik to the Mka and drove away. The next morning, soldiers of the 22nd Mechanised Brigade, who were passing by, saw the tank and captured it along with the remains of the crew who had taken cover," the 112th Brigade summed up.

Background: Soldiers from Ukraine’s 22nd Mechanised Brigade captured the crew of the Russian "barn tank" and took the vehicle as a trophy near Klishchiivka on the Bakhmut front.


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