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EU expands sanctions against Belarus to address circumvention issues

Saturday, 29 June 2024, 14:31
EU expands sanctions against Belarus to address circumvention issues
Photo: Sputnik

On 29 June, the Council of the European Union adopted sanctions against the Belarusian economy, aimed at mirroring some of the restrictive measures against Russia and thus addressing the issue of sanction circumvention.

Source: European Pravda, citing the Council of the EU 

Details: With its decision, the Council of the EU continues the ban on the export of dual-use goods and technologies, as well as advanced technologies, and introduces additional restrictions on the export of goods that can enhance Belarus' industrial potential. Additional restrictions on the export to Belarus of goods and technologies for maritime navigation and luxury items are also being introduced. 


Furthermore, it will be prohibited to directly or indirectly import, purchase, or transfer gold and diamonds, as well as helium, coal, and mineral products, including crude oil, from Belarus. This measure will be complemented by a new ban on the export of goods and technologies suitable for use in oil refining and the liquefaction of natural gas. 

The Council of the EU prohibits the provision of certain services to Belarus, its government, state agencies, corporations, or agents, as well as to any individual or legal entity acting on their behalf or under their direction. These services include, in particular, accounting, architectural and engineering services, advertising and market research services, and others. 

The Council of the EU also extends the ban on the transport of goods by road through the EU territory with trailers and semi-trailers registered in Belarus, including when transported by trucks registered outside of Belarus. 


Today's decision requires EU exporters to include in their future contracts a so-called "no-Belarus clause", which prohibits the re-export to Belarus or re-export for use in Belarus of critical goods and technologies, military goods, firearms, and ammunition. 

To minimise the risk of sanctions circumvention, the EU will ban the transit through Belarus of dual-use goods and technologies, goods and technologies that could contribute to Belarus' military and technical enhancement or the development of its defence and security sector, and goods that could strengthen Belarus' industrial capabilities. 

Additionally, to counter the re-export of military goods found in Ukraine or critical to the development of Russian military systems, EU operators selling such goods to third countries will need to implement due diligence mechanisms.


  • On Monday, 24 June, the EU Council adopted the 14th package of economic and individual restrictive measures against Russia, which, for the first time since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, includes sanctions against Russian gas.
  • Among the individuals included in the EU's expanded sanctions within the 14th package are the mother of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, the commander of the Russian Navy, and many other Russian officials, as well as the Artek children’s summer camp in Crimea and actor Ivan Okhlobystin.

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