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Europeans divided on whether accepting Ukraine into EU is "good idea"

Wednesday, 3 July 2024, 14:27
Europeans divided on whether accepting Ukraine into EU is good idea
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A survey covering twelve EU member states has revealed a significant divergence of views regarding whether Ukraine's accession to the EU would be seen as a positive development, varying by country.

Source: a large survey commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations, conducted in a total of 15 countries, with this particular group of questions covered in 12

Details: In only five countries, more than 50%, or nearly half, of respondents believe that accepting Ukraine into the EU is a "good idea." This opinion is prevalent in Estonia, Sweden, Portugal and Spain.


The highest share of respondents who believe that Ukraine's accession will only create problems is in Germany, Bulgaria, Czechia, France, and Greece.

Interestingly, one of the arguments in favour of Ukraine's accession is the view that it will help to bring peace more quickly. This ranks as the second most common reason cited for why Ukraine should join the EU, following "Ukraine is culturally part of Europe." The third and fourth positions are held by arguments stating that it would enhance the EU's geopolitical standing and bring economic benefits to the EU.

Among respondents who explained their opposition to Ukraine joining the EU, the most frequently mentioned arguments were concerns over "weakening EU security" and the issue of corruption in Ukraine. The third most cited reason was the potential high expenditure it would entail for the European Union.



  • The poll also showed that most Europeans believe that the war will end in peace agreements, not in a victory for Ukraine.
  • Nevertheless, most Europeans are in favour of increasing military assistance to Ukraine, although opposing views prevail in some countries.
  • The data for the survey was collected in May, before the European Parliament elections.
  • On 25 June, Ukraine and the EU officially launched the accession negotiations.

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