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UK Defence Intelligence analyses how Russia steals minerals from occupied Ukraine

Thursday, 4 July 2024, 14:47
UK Defence Intelligence analyses how Russia steals minerals from occupied Ukraine
Stock photo: Getty Images

In its most recent intelligence review of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the UK Ministry of Defence analysed how Russia stole minerals and resources from occupied Ukraine.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review dated 4 July on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: According to the analysis, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly highlighted this act of robbery.


Quote: "Iron ore, coal, titanium, uranium, manganese, gold and lithium deposits are all present in Ukraine, resources which are almost certainly coveted by Russia but also potential targets as Russia seeks to grind down Ukraine's economy, denying access and destroying infrastructure," the review says.

According to UK Defence Intelligence, one of the reasons Russia is attempting to strengthen road infrastructure in the occupied territories of Ukraine is to obtain more Ukrainian resources.

In particular, the review noted the Russian claims of an ongoing renovation and construction of road and railway infrastructure in Zaporizhzhia Oblast in order to connect it to Russia. According to the analysts, this serves not just a military function but also facilitates the export of grain and minerals.


The review, for example, discusses the mining and export of iron ore in Dniprorudnyi, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

"Trains travel through Crimea, over the Kerch bridge into Russia. This activity is not without risk; as trains need to move through areas where Ukrainian partisans are known to operate and have already claimed responsibility for attacks," the review says.

In a previous assessment, UK analysts suggested that Russia used legal persecution of migrants, primarily from Central Asia, to force them to join the Russian Armed Forces and fight in Ukraine.

UK Defence Intelligence also assessed the risks for the Russian government associated with the practice of sending prisoners to fight in Ukraine and their return to Russia.

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