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Belgium to donate €200 million to Czech initiative to transfer 800,000 shells to Ukraine

Prime ministers of Canada, Italy and Belgium arrive in Kyiv

Reuters: EU does not support Belgium's idea of using Russian assets to benefit Ukraine

Ukraine and Belgium plan joint arms production

Belgium to give Ukraine €611 million in military aid in 2024

Belgium to deploy two F-16s in Denmark for Ukrainian pilot training from March

Kyiv and Brussels become sister cities

Ukrainian Foreign Minister in Brussels urges ambassadors to continue supporting Ukraine

Belgium to send 1.7 billion euros from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine's support

Belgium to supply Ukraine with F-16s starting from 2025

Zelenskyy arrives in Brussels on unexpected visit

Defence Ministers of Ukraine and Belgium discuss supply of F16 fighter jets

Belgium considers whether it can supply F-16s to Ukraine

Belgium to provide F-16s for training of Ukrainian pilots

Belgium announced the 15th package of military assistance for Ukraine – with armoured vehicles

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence responds to Belgium's investigation into use of their weapons in Russia

Belgium to address Ukraine in regards to alleged deployment of its weapons in Russian Belgorod Oblast

Belgium is ready to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 jets

Belgian Prime Minister heads to The Hague to meet with Zelenskyy

Belgium to send 240 military trucks to Ukraine

Zelenskyy presents Belgian King with fragment of Russian Su-25 jet downed in Ukraine

Ukrainian military arrives in Belgium to learn how to operate underwater drones

Belgium cannot give fighter jets to Ukraine

Macron and Zelenskyy to travel together to EU summit in Brussels

Belgian government approves largest military aid package for Ukraine

Zelenskyy meets Belgian Foreign Minister who illegally visited Crimea

Ukraine is not forgotten but we must prepare for a long-standing conflict – Belgian PM