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Land mine hits civilians in Kharkiv Oblast: two killed, one injured

Hungary to join NATO coalition for mine clearance in Ukraine

US Ambassador: US is providing US$1 million worth of demining equipment to Ukraine

Ukraine receives remote-controlled demining system from EU – photo

Demining Black Sea: Türkiye, Bulgaria and Romania sign agreement

Nearly 25% of liberated parts of Kherson Oblast demined

Mine clearance in Black and Azov Seas will take five years after war is over – Ukraine's Navy

Nearly 300 people killed by mines since beginning of full-scale war

Mine clearance: over 200,000 hectares of agricultural land put back into use since beginning of the year

Bulgaria, Romania and Türkiye to sign agreement on mine clearance of Black Sea

South Korea sends 10 Croatian-made mine-clearance machines to Ukraine – photo

UK will supply two minehunters to Ukraine as part of maritime coalition

Lithuania presents updated concept of mine clearance coalition for Ukraine

Japan supplies mine clearance equipment for Ukraine's State Emergency Service

EU sends more mine detection dogs to Ukraine

16-tonne mine clearance vehicle developed in Kharkiv

Three NATO states to jointly clear Black Sea of mines

Ukraine and Croatia sign agreement on cooperation in mine clearance

Only about one-sixth of liberated Kherson Oblast cleared of mines in 11 months

Man who used tractor to clear mines killed in blast in Kherson Oblast

Switzerland allocates €103.5 million for mine clearance in Ukraine for 4 years

Echo of occupation: car hits a mine in Kyiv Oblast, driver dies

The Times on bomb disposal experts near Robotyne: They clear passages through minefields on their knees

Ukraine's Armed Forces use thermal imagers to find Russian mines

Zelenskyy: Ukraine should demine its territory not in decades, but years

Russians leave up to 4 mines on one square metre in area of counteroffensive – Internal Ministry

Tractor drivers come across cluster munition in Mykolaiv Oblast, one of them killed

Lithuania announces creation of mine clearance coalition for Ukraine

Underwater robot and drone: Ukraine's rescue service reveals how it clears mines from bodies of water

Child's fingers ripped off due to detonation of ammunition in Kharkiv Oblast