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Switzerland allocates €103.5 million for mine clearance in Ukraine for 4 years

Echo of occupation: car hits a mine in Kyiv Oblast, driver dies

The Times on bomb disposal experts near Robotyne: They clear passages through minefields on their knees

Ukraine's Armed Forces use thermal imagers to find Russian mines

Zelenskyy: Ukraine should demine its territory not in decades, but years

Russians leave up to 4 mines on one square metre in area of counteroffensive – Internal Ministry

Tractor drivers come across cluster munition in Mykolaiv Oblast, one of them killed

Lithuania announces creation of mine clearance coalition for Ukraine

Underwater robot and drone: Ukraine's rescue service reveals how it clears mines from bodies of water

Child's fingers ripped off due to detonation of ammunition in Kharkiv Oblast

Germany to provide Ukraine with two Wisent 1 mine clearance tanks

Ukraine's Armed Forces begin to de-mine territory for upcoming counteroffensive – The Washington Post

Man injured in Kharkiv Oblast while trying to dispose of explosive

Austria's Defence Minister still insists that immediate participation in Ukraine's mine clearance violates neutrality

Defence Ministry of Ukraine to increase number of sappers and produce its own demining machines

6 State Emergency Service workers killed and 2 injured in Russian attack on Kherson Oblast

Canada sends US$16.5 million worth of mine clearance equipment to Ukraine

Austria to join mine clearance efforts in Ukraine

It will likely take at least a decade to clear Ukraine of mines

Buffett Foundation to help with mine clearance in Ukraine

Search and rescue workers warn that most cemeteries in liberated territories are still mined

Three people injured in explosion in Kharkiv Oblast

Mine clearance in Ukraine to cost upwards of US$37 billion – Prime Minister

Croatia might provide Ukraine with Mi-8 helicopters and assist with mine clearance

Truck blown up by explosives in Kharkiv Oblast: one killed

Training sessions of Ukrainian bomb disposal experts begins in Lithuania

UAV mine detection system tested in Kyiv Oblast

Ukraine has a plan for mine clearance for sowing

More than 400,000 Russian shells defused since beginning of full-scale war – Zelenskyy

Bomb disposal experts and civilian injured by Russian munitions in Kherson Oblast: one killed