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naval fleet

Head of Russia's Black Sea Fleet dismissed, media claim

Ukraine has disabled a third of Russian Black Sea Fleet's ships

Russia's Ivanovets warship sank after six direct drone hits – Ukraine's spy chief

Ukrainian Navy on why sinking of missile-armed corvette Ivanovets is significant loss for Russia

Russian landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak moved to occupied Sevastopol – photo

Russian Tarantul corvette sank in occupied Sevastopol after Ukrainian strike

Russians trying to create naval base in occupied part of Georgia – Defence Intelligence Chief

Ukraine's Navy Commander says drones can't replace ships in war

Ukraine's Navy Commander explains how ships were saved at beginning of invasion and Russians' landing was avoided

Mine clearance in Black and Azov Seas will take five years after war is over – Ukraine's Navy

Vice Admiral personally operated uncrewed vessels in first remote maritime operation – Ukrainska Pravda

First surface vessel attack on Crimea failed as Musk turned off connection – UP

Sea drones, Elon Musk, and high-precision missiles: How Ukraine dominates in the Black Sea

20 percent of Russian fleet destroyed – Ukraine's National Security Council Secretary

Satellite shows another sunken ship in Feodosiia – photo

2 Russian ships leave bay in Feodosiia, Crimea – photo

UK's Defence Minister on Novocherkassk ship: 20% of Russian Black Sea Fleet was destroyed in 4 months

Russia stripped of its Danube Commission membership over attacks on Lower Danube in Ukraine

Russians keep 2 submarine missile carriers in Black Sea

Russia sends Admiral Makarov frigate into Black Sea

Lebanese Hezbollah has Russian-made missiles capable of hitting US vessels

ISW analyses consequences of Ukrainian attack on Russian warship in Kerch

Turkish merchant ship hits naval mine near Romania’s coasts – Reuters

Russian vessels in Black Sea do not sail beyond Cape Tarkhankut

All three key Ukrainian Black Sea ports reopen to ships

Lithuania delivers radar equipment to the Ukrainian Navy

Russian Defence Ministry posts photo of supposedly alive Black Sea Fleet commander

Second vessel carrying grain leaves Ukraine's Chornomorsk port – Infrastructure Minister

Pictures emerge of damaged Russian submarine Rostov-on-Don

Russians move three landing ships from Black Sea to Sea of Azov – Ukrainian Navy spokesman