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Offensive Guard

Ukrainian border guards destroy Russian communication antenna disguised in forest – video

Steel Border unit destroy 2 Russian surveillance systems – video

Pomsta Brigade border guards capture three occupiers – photo

Offensive Guard now has 10th brigade, formed of border guards – video

Ukrainian border guards brigade post video of Russian equipment being destroyed by UAVs – video

Offensive Guard soldiers show capturing Russian occupier live – video

Ukrainian border guards post video of assault on Russian positions

Ukrainian border guards burn Russian Vasilek mortar

Liut Brigade advances on front, there are losses

Ukraine's Offensive Guard advances deep into Russians' defence in south

Steel Border assault brigade destroy 2 Russian surveillance systems in one day

Ukrainian border guards take Russian captive during mop-up of Klishchiivka

Ukrainian border guards kill two and capture two more Russians

Border guards from Steel Frontier brigade take two Russian soldiers prisoner

Border of Steel members blind another Russian "eye of Mordor"

Ukraine's Azov Brigade bombards Russian positions, destroys bunker and military personnel

Soldiers of the Steel Border bring the heat: Border Guards show video of heated battle

Ukrainian defenders kill Russian airborne assault group trapped in Donetsk Oblast

Zelenskyy holds Staff meeting discussing situation on fronts and actions of offensive brigades

Brigade of National Guard of Ukraine shows how it prepares for assault

Six Offensive Guard brigades are ready for combat missions

Eight Offensive Guard brigades being prepared, new ones will be formed – Ukraine's Interior Minister

National Guard and police conduct combat coordination exercises with military equipment needed for offensive

One more brigade called Khartiia to be added to Offensive Guard

Offensive Guard is almost formed, new candidates to be enrolled as reserve – Minister of Internal Affairs

More than 35,000 people have applied to join Offensive Guard

Recruitment to Offensive Guard may be extended after 1 April

Recruitment to Offensive Guard is nearing completion, with over 16,000 applications received

Offensive Guard assault brigades are almost ready, reserves being made

Ukraine's Offensive Guard newcomers to train for 2-4 months