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Russians attempt 19 times to break through Ukrainian defence on Novopavlivka front – General Staff report

Ukraine's Ground Forces Commander: Situation on Sivershchyna and Bakhmut fronts is very tense

Russia makes 10 attempts to drive Defence Forces from left bank of Dnipro River – General Staff report

General Staff report: Difficult situation in Ukraine's east and south

Russians slightly reduce attacks on Kupiansk front – Armed Forces of Ukraine

Zelenskyy and Commander-in-Chief name most difficult sectors of Ukrainian front

Military Administration created in Sumy and its head appointed

General Staff reports on difficult situation in east and south

Russia tries to regain its position near Andriiivka but does not succeed – General Staff report

Ukrainian General Staff talks about counteroffensive on two fronts and activity of Russians in evening report

Ukraine's Defence Forces advance on 2 fronts – General Staff report

Most difficult battles being fought on five fronts – General Staff report

Ukraine destroys 3 Russian ammunition storage points in a day – General Staff report

Russians shelled 9 oblasts and killed 8 people during the day

Local administrations summarise consequences of Russian missile attack in 13 oblasts

Russia launches record number of S-300 missiles on Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv oblasts

Zelenskyy convenes Staff meeting to discuss Bakhmut, Russia's plans and new appointments of new 'heads' in oblast military administrations

Zelenskyy proposes to expand powers of Heads of Military Administrations in Kherson and Kharkiv Oblasts

Zelenskyy dismisses four heads of Oblast State Administration

Russian governors criticise unnecessarily massive scale of mobilisation

Almost 70% of Russians have never left their country

In Nikopol a simplified procedure for the external independent testing of university applicants was cancelled after numerous air attacks

Air raid warning issued for most regions of Ukraine

Cost of war to Mykolaiv calculated

Buy a ticket – feed the animals: Mykolaiv Zoo asks for help