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Russia launches massive attack: explosions ring out in Kyiv, Lviv and other cities, at least 9 people killed

Russians recapture positions near Verbove, seized by Ukrainians in summer counteroffensive – ISW

Russians launch missile attack on Zaporizhzhia

Families of Ukrainian PoWs hold rallies in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia – photo

Security Service of Ukraine detains chorister from Russian-linked church who adjusted Russian fire in Zaporizhzhia – photo

Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church banned in occupied Zaporizhzhia Oblast a year ago by local top collaborationist

Russia hits business in Zaporizhzhia with missile, probably a ballistic one

500 tonnes of hidden humanitarian aid found at companies in Zaporizhzhia

Explosions ring out in Zaporizhzhia

Explosions rock Zaporizhzhia

Ukraine's Security Service catches Russian mole in Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

Monument to Pushkin dismantled in Zaporizhzhia city centre

Russian forces hit Zaporizhzhia suburb with ballistic missiles: Social infrastructure facility destroyed

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia with missiles

Russian attack causes fire near Dnipro and explosions in Zaporizhzhia

Rescue operation in Zaporizhzhia complete: 5 killed, 5 injured

Death toll in Zaporizhzhia reaches 5, police post video of strike

Air-raid warning issued due to missile danger in number of oblasts; explosions heard in Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia

Zelenskyy on Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia: Russian terror must be defeated

Civilian rescued from under rubble of house in Zaporizhzhia

Russians launch 6 missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia, hitting multi-storey building, causing casualties

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Russian rocket hit Zaporizhzhia district

Explosions heard in Zaporizhzhia

Former defence plant employee who guided Russian missiles to Zaporizhzhia sentenced to life imprisonment

Rosatom turns Europe's largest NPP into a torture chamber – investigation

Explosion sounds in Zaporizhzhia after warning of ballistic missiles use

Russians hit Sumy and Zaporizhzhia, five injured

Powerful explosion rings out in Zaporizhzhia, casualties reported

Russians loot plant in Tokmak, set to retreat in Zaporizhzhia Oblast