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Putin appoints new defence minister

They did not discuss this decision with me – Deputy PM Kubrakov on his dismissal

Zelenskyy dismisses deputy head of State Security Administration and appoints new deputy secretary of National Security and Defence Council

Putin appoints new commander of Black Sea Fleet

Reshuffle in Ukrainian government expected soon

Zelenskyy dismisses Security and Defence Secretary, appoints intelligence head as new one

US Under Secretary of State Nuland resigns from Department of State

Zelenskyy makes number of personnel changes in Defence Forces

Zaluzhnyi's dismissal not caused by personal rift with President Zelenskyy – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence head

Dismissal of former Commander-in-Chief affects Ukrainians' trust in Zelenskyy – survey

Zelenskyy and Zaluzhnyi hold meeting to discuss renewed leadership of Ukraine's Armed Forces

Dismissal on repeat: why Zelenskyy is (or isn't) dismissing Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi

Hero of Ukraine transferred from Ivan Bohun Military High School to National Defenсe University

Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister announces liberation of Andriivka on Bakhmut front, military denies it

Zelenskyy dismisses head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration

Government prepares to replace heads of Defence and Culture ministries

Putin dismisses General Surovikin as commander of Russian Aerospace Forces

Johnson on Prystaiko’s dismissal: He was a great ambassador

Zelenskyy dismisses Ukrainian Ambassador to UK who criticised him for "unhealthy sarcasm"

Prosecutor's office to investigate Odesa military commissar that bought a villa in Spain, and his relatives

Head of Odesa enlistment office who owns luxury properties in Spain is dismissed – official

Zelenskyy dismisses general director of Ukraine's state defence concern

"Show of unity": Kremlin tacitly forbids officials to resign

Verkhovna Rada dismisses three ministers

Government agrees to dismiss heads of three Oblast State Administrations

Zelenskyy makes series of dismissals in Security Service of Ukraine top management

Ukraine's Defence Minister announces dismissal and appointments in Defence Ministry

No personnel changes expected in defence sector this week – Ukraine's MP

Zelenskyy on "lull in dismissals": More decisions to come

Head of Luhansk Oblast Military Administration may soon be dismissed from his office