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Search continues for killed and missing in Russian attack on Kharkiv hypermarket – photo, video

Sunday, 26 May 2024, 13:49
Search continues for killed and missing in Russian attack on Kharkiv hypermarket – photo, video
Twenty-year-old woman looking for her father. Photo: Serhii Bolvinov/Facebook

In Kharkiv, the search continues for people missing after the Russian attack on the Epicentr home improvement hypermarket with two guided aircraft bombs.

Law enforcement personnel spoke about the hypermarket workers and customers who went missing following the attack, as well as their relatives who are seeking help.

Employees of Epicentr, including a sales manager in the varnishes and paints department, a senior seller, and a promoter, were present in the room throughout the strike, as Serhii Bolvinov, the chief of the investigation department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kharkiv Oblast, stated. As of the evening of 25 May, they were reported missing.


Also, late in the evening, a 20-year-old woman approached law enforcement investigators, explaining that her entire family had gone shopping at the hypermarket on the day of the tragedy. Her family, including her 12-year-old sister and mother, did not return calls. The girl's father is in hospital because he had a concussion.

all Photos: Serhii Bolvinov

Bolvinov also mentioned a man looking for a wife, with whom he worked at Epicentr. He survived because, during the strike, he was closer to the shopping centre exit.

The police officer also shared a photo of a girl whose father did not come back from work as a hypermarket employee.  


The head of the investigation department stated that people who seek assistance in locating relatives provide DNA samples. Only in this way will experts be able to identify the remains of the deceased.


8-year-old Mykhailo is one of those who have already completed the DNA selection procedure. His mother and he are searching for his father, who went missing after the attack on Epicentr.

"Despite the tragic events, all of these people remain calm. The main priority now is to find and identify everyone who was killed as a result of the horrific attack. We need to bring them back to their families," Serhii Bolvinov wrote in the statement.

Every second of camera footage from the hypermarket attack is examined by law enforcement investigators in order to locate the injured and deceased. The videos were kept on servers that survived the impact and were recovered from the ruined room.

Caution: sensitive content!

"The video that investigators are currently working on depicts the moment of the strike. People were clearly unprepared for such an attack, were in the office, and went about their business," Serhii Bolvinov commented on the recordings.

Earlier, Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration reported that the death toll from Russian airstrikes on a home improvement hypermarket in Kharkiv on 25 May had risen to 14

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