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Bomb disposal teams galvanise mine clearance of agricultural land in Ukraine

Friday, 14 June 2024, 18:20
Bomb disposal teams galvanise mine clearance of agricultural land in Ukraine
A sapper scans the ground with a metal detector. Stock photo: Getty Images

The inspection and mine clearance of Ukrainian agricultural land by bomb disposal teams has accelerated this year compared to 2023.

Source: Ihor Bezkaravainyi, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Economy

Details: The minister reported that units of governmental and non-governmental mine clearance operators surveyed almost 31,000 hectares of agricultural land in May.


Since the beginning of the year, bomb disposal teams have surveyed over 146,000 hectares of agricultural land and restored more than 137,800 hectares to economic use.

"An excellent example of well-established processes is demonstrated by the Kherson Oblast Military Administration, which has formed an effective coordination of all operators working in the oblast.

This allowed them to bring back into operation land twice the area of the city [of Kherson] itself in May," Bezkaravainyi said, reporting on the results for May.


In May, 29,800 hectares of agricultural land, including 26,900 in Kherson Oblast, were returned to farmers.


  • The countries attending the Ukraine Recovery Conference have increased their commitments to support humanitarian mine clearance in Ukraine by over US$35 million.
  • As part of the certification process, Ukrainian company A3tech tested the DOK-ING MV-10 heavy mine-action vehicle, assembled and partially localised in Ukraine, at a training ground.

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