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Belarusian Armed Forces claim border tensions and readiness to "defend against Ukraine"

Saturday, 29 June 2024, 13:54
Belarusian Armed Forces claim border tensions and readiness to defend against Ukraine
Photo: BelTA

The situation on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is characterised by increasing tension, stated the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Source: BelTA, a Belarusian state-owned news outlet, citing Colonel Vadim Lukashevich, Deputy Commander of Belarusian Special Operations Forces, and Andrei Severinchik, Chief of of the Air Defence Missile Forces of the Air Force and Air Defence Command of Belarus’ Armed Forces.

Quote from Lukashevich: "The situation on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is characterised by escalating tensions. The coalition of Western countries has sparked a hot conflict near our territory. Attempts are being made from their side to drag our country into war. In these challenging conditions, our country is doing everything possible to maintain peace on Belarusian soil.


We have information that Ukraine is mobilising troops, weaponry, and military equipment towards our borders. Specifically, in Zhytomyr Oblast, American infantry fighting vehicles, multiple-launch rocket systems, heavy long-range artillery, and other equipment are deployed."

Details: They also express outrage that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have deployed radio-electronic surveillance systems and used UAVs for reconnaissance in Belarus, from where tanks and infantry entered Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

Belarus allegedly also deployed additional air defence forces and assets to areas near Zhytomyr Oblast.


Quote from Severinchik: "We are prepared to decisively deploy all available forces and means to defend the territory and population of the Republic of Belarus from potential provocations in the airspace."

Background: On 20 June, after Belarus' State Border Committee reported that it was seeing an increase in the number of Ukrainian troops on the border, Ukraine’s border guards emphasised that the defence forces are protecting sovereign territory from the aggressor and there is no provocation in doing so.

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