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Ukraine receives Mistral anti-aircraft missile systems from Estonia

Saturday, 6 July 2024, 15:58
Ukraine receives Mistral anti-aircraft missile systems from Estonia
Photo: Ministry of Defence of Estonia

Ukraine has received several Mistral short-range anti-aircraft missile systems and missiles from Estonia.

Source: Ministry of Defence of Estonia on X

Details: Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Defence of Estonia, said in early June that Estonia would give Mistral missile systems to Ukraine.


"Confirmed! Mistral short-range air defence systems and missiles provided by Estonia have been delivered to Ukraine. Let's keep supporting [Ukrainian] freedom fighters," the Estonian Defence Ministry tweeted on Saturday, 6 July.

Mistral is an advanced surface-to-air missile system for intercepting helicopters and aircraft. It was developed in France and is available as a man-portable air defence system or for use on launch platforms for vehicles, ships, and helicopters.

The Mistral system has a range of up to 6 kilometres and is designed to protect ground targets from relatively low-flying aircraft and helicopters.



  • Earlier, Estonia provided Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missile systems, howitzers, artillery, anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, communications equipment, field hospitals, medicines, personal protective equipment, and dry rations.
  • In March, Estonia announced a €20 million military aid package for Ukraine.
  • In June, Estonia said it had virtually no weapons and ammunition left in its warehouses that it could transfer to Ukraine.

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