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Prosecutor's Office

Resident of Cherkasy Oblast sold information about Ukrainian forces to Russia – photo

Prosecutor's Office reveals Russia struck Sloviansk and Kramatrosk with ballistics and Kh-22 missiles

Russian soldiers execute unarmed prisoner of war, Ukraine's Prosecutor's Office launches investigation

Russian occupation forces launch airstrike on Kupiansk district and attack Bohodukhiv district, Kharkiv Oblast

Ukraine's Prosecutor's Office opens proceedings on murder of civilian in Oleshky, Kherson Oblast

Russian missile kills man in Donetsk Oblast riding bicycle home from work

3 Russian soldiers to be tried for dismemberment of farmer and massive looting

"Look for Leopards, Bradleys and HIMARS": Orders of Russian spy detained in Donetsk Oblast – video

Threats to journalist Nikolov: law enforcement officers identifies intruders – photo

Kyiv police opens criminal investigation into threats to journalist Yurii Nikolov

Russian soldier sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia for shooting 2 Ukrainian civilians in back – video

Man killed and 6 more civilians injured by Russian S-300 missile strike on Selydove (Donetsk Oblast)

Russian-appointed "head of Donetsk" sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison

Owners of provider company which broadcasts Russian propaganda detained in Kyiv

At least 3,800 civilians have been tortured by Russians

Russian strike on café in Kramatorsk: pre-trial investigation against forward observer completed

Four Russian soldiers charged with torturing American citizen in Ukraine by US Justice Department

Russians attack Chasiv Yar, killing and wounding civilians waiting to receive bread and water

Europol creates OSINT group to investigate Russian war crimes

Russian special services recruited Ukrainian teens for anti-Semitic provocations

Ukraine's Security Service detains Russian cooperators in Donetsk Oblast

Ukraine's Security Service exposes three residents of Kherson who directed Russian strikes on residential buildings

Former pro-Russian politician and TV host Holdarb served with notice of suspicion of collaboration

Russians kill 11-year-old boy in Donetsk Oblast: two civilians killed and seven more injured in past day

Russians drop bomb on Illinivka and launch tank attack Avdiivka, injuring civilians

Former defence plant employee who guided Russian missiles to Zaporizhzhia sentenced to life imprisonment

Former lawyer who called for seizure of power in Ukraine placed under 24-hour house arrest

Prosecutors will apply for Ukrainian oligarch's bail to be increased to almost US$156 million

Former lawyer who called for power to be seized in Ukraine is exposed

People's death in front of closed shelter: Kyiv City State Administration official suspended