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NATO reports "astronomically high" Russian losses in Kharkiv Oblast

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 20:09
NATO reports astronomically high Russian losses in Kharkiv Oblast
Stock photo: Getty Images

A NATO official has said that Russian forces suffered tremendous losses during an offensive in Kharkiv Oblast in May.

Source: NATO official, speaking on condition of anonymity, as reported by European Pravda from Brussels

Details: The official stated that 1,000 Russian soldiers were being killed in action daily in May.


"I would also add that the gains in Kharkiv Oblast seem to have come at a rather high price for Russia. Russia likely suffered losses of almost 1,000 people a day in May, which is quite an astronomical figure," the official said, noting that he was referring to the number of fatalities.

Speaking about the situation in Kharkiv Oblast, the NATO official stated that Russia has failed to create a buffer zone, as Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin has claimed.

The front in this area has been stabilised, and the territories controlled by Russia are fragmented.


"Therefore, in the long run, Russia's victories in this area will be limited," he added.


  • General Charles Brown, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, also pointed out that the situation in Kharkiv Oblast has stabilised in recent weeks.
  • He attributed this, in part, to the US authorisation to strike targets in Russia with US-supplied weapons, which US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin believes would be "very, very helpful to the Ukrainians going forward".

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