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Kremlin reacts to Orbán's trip to Kyiv

Tuesday, 2 July 2024, 15:40
Kremlin reacts to Orbán's trip to Kyiv
Orbán and Putin. Stock photo: Getty Images

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian leader’s press secretary, stated that Putin had no expectations for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s visit to Kyiv.

Source: Dmitry Peskov quoted by Russian Interfax

Details: The Russian ruler’s spokesman noted that Budapest had not contacted Moscow prior to the Hungarian prime minister’s visit to Kyiv. At the same time, Peskov stressed that the Kremlin "does not expect anything from this visit".


Quote: "It is clear that Hungary, which began to preside over this period in the EU, must fulfil its responsibilities. As a result, I believe that obligations to Brussels interests will take primacy in this case, rather than national interests," Peskov stated.

At the same time, the press secretary added that Orbán "is well known as a politician who is quite tough in defending the interests of his country."



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán revealed that he travelled to Ukraine almost immediately after Hungary assumed the presidency of the Council of the European Union in order to better understand how to assist the Ukrainian government.

According to European Pravda, during the negotiations in Kyiv, Zelenskyy and Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán agreed to work on a bilateral deal that would resolve bilateral issues.

In addition, at the talks, Orbán promoted the idea of an urgent truce with Russia, which is in all pro-Russian "peace plans", but did not insist on it.

Viktor Orbán visited Ukraine for the first time since Russia launched its full-scale invasion. Hungary has not provided arms to Ukraine and consistently opposes EU actions aimed at weakening Russia.

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