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Zelenskyy hears reports on everything related to F-16 aircraft at Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff meeting

Zelenskyy changes members of Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff

Zelenskyy holds first Staff meeting with new Commander-in-Chief Syrskyi

Zelenskyy admits new commander-in-chief into Ukraine's highest command and control bodies

Zelenskyy holds Staff of Supreme Commander-in-Chief meeting, discusses Ukrainian drone and ammunition production

Zelenskyy holds Staff meeting, discussing front, shells, drones and air defence

Zelenskyy holds conference call to discusses elimination of consequences after Russian attacks

Frontline situation and Ukraine's actions in 2024 discussed at Staff meeting

NATO-Ukraine meeting in Brussels takes place without Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief – photo

Zelenskyy convenes meeting of Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff with commanders of main fronts

Zelenskyy holds meeting of Staff of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, discussed arms, drones, combat zone

Zelenskyy should set up an engineering council with drone manufacturers – aerial reconnaissance expert

Zelenskyy listens to proposals for solving mobilisation problems in Ukraine

Zelenskyy holds Staff meeting to discuss "challenging issues"

Zelenskyy removes former head of Special Comms Service from Commander-in-Chief's Staff

Current level of air defence allows Ukraine to avoid unnecessary interruptions when MiG aircraft take off – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy says solution must be found to prevent lengthy air-raid warnings when Russian MiG fighters take off

Strengthening defence of Kherson, military budget, important reports: Zelenskyy holds Staff meeting

Security and Defence Secretary insists everyone at Staff meeting believes in Ukraine's victory

Zelenskyy convenes Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff meeting to discuss military and security matters

Zelenskyy held important Staff meeting: exclusively about offence and defence

Zelesnkyy holds Supreme Commander-in-Chief meeting: logistics of Russians disrupted, partners' weapons are efficient

Sometimes tough conversations happen – Ukraine's Internal Minister about Staff meeting

Zelenskyy holds Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff meeting: current and future special operations, weapons supply discussed

Winter is coming: Zelenskyy holds Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff meeting to discuss energy system protection

Only about contact zone: Zelenskyy holds meeting of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff

Zelenskyy's "jubilee" Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff meeting to discuss power grid security – senior official

Zelenskyy holds Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff meeting to discuss front, drones and projectiles

We couldn't care less about what agreements Russia withdraws from, we will send vessels – Ukraine's National Security Council chief

Zelenskyy convenes meeting of Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff to discuss use of precision weapons: results are satisfying