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Russians are insidiously changing their tactics in bombarding Mykolaiv – Head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration

Ukraine's air defence operated for 5.5 hours in response to overnight Russian drone attack that damaged infrastructure facility

Explosions rock Mykolaiv and Dnipro suburbs

Russian attacks on Mykolaiv cause devastating explosions and fires – photo

Night attack: Mykolaiv struck, patrol officers injured in Odesa and fire broke out in Vinnytsia Oblast due to falling wreckage – photo, video

We know where they hit us – mayor of Mykolaiv

Civilians injured in Mykolaiv, many buildings damaged – photo

Denmark to provide US$21 million to reconstruct Mykolaiv

Drone fragments crash in Mykolaiv, causing several fires

Strikes recorded in Mykolaiv Oblast

Passengers caught up in Kherson railway station attack reach Mykolaiv safely by bus

Attack drone hits manufacturing plant in Mykolaiv and infrastructure facility near Odesa

Rally participants not allowed into shelter in Mykolaiv during air-raid alert, police launch investigation

Russians hit Mykolaiv suburbs with missile at night

Zelenskyy: Mykolaiv Oblast to be rebuilt after its air defence is strengthened

Denmark provides more than 40 million euros for reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular for heating in Mykolaiv

Russians hit warehouse in Mykolaiv at night causing fire at warehouse in oblast

Explosions rock in Mykolaiv

Explosion heard in Mykolaiv, authorities state it occurs outside city

Russians hit infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv again

Russians hit infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv with missile

Kherson under attack, media report explosions in Mykolaiv

Russia hits Mykolaiv's infrastructure with missile

Ukrainian blogger hiding in Russia passed intelligence for missile strikes on Mykolaiv to Russian secret services

Ukraine seeks air defence systems for the south, which Russia has been attacking heavily for 4 days in a row

Death toll rises after attack on Mykolaiv: married couple killed

Our will to win is stronger than any Russian missiles – Zelenskyy

Russian night attacks result in deaths in Odesa and Mykolaiv

Russian attack on Mykolaiv: 18 people injured

Consequences of attack on Mykolaiv: at least 5 residential buildings and 15 garages damaged