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terrorist attack

Zelenskyy reacts to shooting in Prague that killed more than 15 people

FSB claims Ukrainian agent plotted murder of senior Russian officer

"There's a child in the morgue. We don't know if it's ours." How the village of Hroza is coping after the mass killing, as it prepares for the victims' funerals

Ukrainska Pravda journalists visit Hroza as the villagers process the tragedy and prepare for funerals

Explosion rocks Belarusian railway station at night – media

UN report on Olenivka terrorist attack: Use of HIMARS missile fired by Ukraine ruled out

Prosecutor General's Office still does not understand motives of Russian terrorist attack on Olenivka

Russians plan terrorist attacks against their own population in Bryansk Oblast

In case of terrorist attack on Zaporizhzhia NPP, people will have to be evacuated within 50 kilometres radius

Ukraine identified most soldiers killed in Russian prison camp in Olenivka – Ukraine's Human Rights Commissioner

Russian terrorist attack on ZNPP to be considered as nuclear weapons use

Kremlin reacts to Zelenskyy's words about threat of terrorist attack on Zaporizhzhia NPP

Russians might conduct terrorist attacks in occupied territories during Russia Day celebrations on 12 June – Special Operations Forces

Ukraine's Defence Intelligence has evidence that explosives were used to blow up Kakhovka power plant

Lukashenkо's office claims Ukraine's Defence Intelligence was preparing terrorist attacks in Belarus, intelligence denied it

Office of President of Ukraine dissatisfied with inaction of Red Cross concerning Tragedy in Olenivka

Ukrainian woman killed in terrorist attack in Israel

Russians prepare terrorist attacks in churches in occupied territories for Christmas – Minister

Car explosion in Mariupol kills Russian occupation administration official

Ukraine calls upon the UN and EU to send a monitoring mission to the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant – PM

Possible terrorist attack on Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant to destroy North Crimean Canal – Zelenskyy

Russians mine dam of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant and plan historic catastrophe – Zelenskyy

Russians frightened by Ukrainian terrorists: FSB reports on arrests in Briansk and Moscow Oblast

"All targets are hit": Russian Ministry of Defence content with outcomes of missile strikes on Ukraine

Zelenskyy asks to convene urgent meeting of G7 due to Russian Federation terrorists attacks

Zelenskyy responds to Russian missile strike on Zaporizhzhia that killed 12

Civilian car convoy attacked in Kharkiv Oblast: 24 dead, including a pregnant woman and 13 children

Occupiers stages false flag terrorist attack in the centre of Melitopol

FSB once again makes up "terrorist attacks", which Ukraine was allegedly preparing in Crimea

40 days since Olenivka tragedy: Russia still not letting international experts in, relatives of POWs release statement

In Moscow, FSB searches for people of Ukrainian origin to blame them for "terrorist attacks" – intelligence