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Latvia to hold minute of silence on second anniversary of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Baltic states condemn Russia's intention to hold presidential elections in Ukraine's occupied territories

Russia sees sabotage of its "elections" in Baltic States and resorts to threats

Ukrainian becomes top pick for Latvian liberal party in European Parliament election – photo

Latvian Foreign Ministry invites authorities to check key companies for ties with Russia

Latvia bans national teams from playing with Russian and Belarusian athletes on legislative level

Latvia's ruling coalition prepares to ban grain imports from Russia and Belarus

Russia's FSB recruited European Parliament member from Latvia, investigation reveals

Latvian President supports unilateral ban on Russian grain import

Latvia to hand over new batch of cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine

Putin sets stage for escalation against Baltic States – ISW

82-year-old chairman of Latvia-Russia Association expelled from Latvia

Ukraine and Latvia sign documents on technical, financial and defence cooperation

Latvia to transfer funds from Russian assets, mainly Moscow House, to aid Ukraine

Latvian President announces new aid package for Ukraine with howitzers and ammunition

Latvia leads drone coalition within Ramstein format

Zelenskyy visits Latvia – photo

Latvian President on Russia's missile attack: New Year's celebrations are over, the West must act now

Latvian Foreign Ministry: Even if Ukraine liberates its territory, Russia's threat to Europe will remain

Latvia donates 32 generators to educational institutions in Chernihiv Oblast

Latvia sends Ukraine cars confiscated from drunk drivers worth almost one million euros

Latvia to train more Ukrainian soldiers

Ukrainian Defence Minister and his Latvian counterpart in Kyiv discuss creation of drone coalition for Ukraine

Latvian President arrives in Ukraine

We need to ensure Russia's defeat on battlefield – Latvian Parliament Speaker

On Latvia's Independence Day, Latvian president honours military volunteer killed in Ukraine

Latvia's President believes EU should find ammunition for Ukraine abroad

If we fail Ukraine, it will be much harder to maintain peace in Europe – Latvian President

Latvian Foreign Minister fears aid to Ukraine might weaken if public support declines

Latvia hands over 20 cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine