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Germany transfers quarter of its Patriot systems to Ukraine – German defence minister

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 13:26
Germany transfers quarter of its Patriot systems to Ukraine – German defence minister
German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Germany is transferring a quarter of its air defence systems stock to Ukraine, including the third Patriot air defence system, which will be delivered soon.

Source: German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius before the start of a meeting of NATO ministers in Brussels; Ukrinform; European Pravda

The minister noted that Germany is transferring another Patriot system to Ukraine and thus providing a total of three systems for Ukraine.


Quote: "This is a quarter of our reserves of such systems, which can no longer be transferred. Others can probably give one each," Pistorius said.

Pistorius recalled that Germany had launched an initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defence, which has already had some success, but there is room for improvement.

According to Pistorius, Germany also trains Patriot operators and transfers missiles for the system. In particular, 32 such missiles were recently transferred, and another 68 will be delivered in the coming days and weeks.


He added that these missiles were purchased as part of the joint efforts of Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.

Pistorius also confirmed that partners continue to explore all opportunities to increase Patriot production, negotiate with manufacturers in the United States, etc. Still, the problem is that production and delivery take time.


  • The Pentagon previously reported that at the 23rd meeting of the Ramstein format on Thursday in Brussels, they will discuss Ukraine's need to strengthen its air defence, particularly the need to supply Patriot air defence systems.
  • The media reported that US President Joe Biden approved the transfer of another Patriot missile system to Ukraine, but there was no official confirmation of this information.

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