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Poltava Oblast

Over 55,000 consumers left without power after Russian attack on Poltava Oblast

Russian forces attack Poltava Oblast: 12 civilians injured, including children – photos

Man injured in attack on Poltava Oblast dies in hospital

Russians attack Poltava Oblast with missiles

Person injured in Russian attack on Poltava Oblast

Woman rescued from rubble near Poltava dies in hospital

Russians hit residential building in Poltava Oblast: woman rescued from rubble

Russians hit industrial facility in Poltava Oblast with drone

Explosion rings out in Poltava Oblast

Russian UAVs damage energy infrastructure facilities in Poltava Oblast

Russian missile debris lands on porch

Russians damage critical infrastructure in Kirovohrad and Poltava oblasts, injuring child

Russians attack Poltava Oblast

Russia bombards Poltava Oblast: fortunately, no casualties reported

Explosion rocks Poltava Oblast during air raid

Number of casualties caused by Russian strike on family residence hall in Poltava Oblast rises to 16

Russian attack on family residence hall in Poltava Oblast: Number of wounded increased – photo

Russian forces strike civilian infrastructure in Poltava Oblast, one person killed

Explosion heard in Poltava Oblast during air-raid alert

Russians attack Poltava Oblast overnight: fire breaks out at industrial facility

Explosions rock Poltava Oblast and Dnipro

Russian UAV hits infrastructure facility in Poltava Oblast overnight

Explosions rock Poltava Oblast

Russians attack Myrhorod for second night in a row, hitting open ground

Explosion rocks Poltava Oblast

Russians hit warehouse in Poltava Oblast, resulting in fire outbreak

Russian army attacks full grain storage facility in Poltava Oblast

Russia target Myrhorod district in Poltava Oblast, damaging infrastructure

Russians strike industrial facility in Kremenchuk district

Russians attack industrial facility in Poltava Oblast