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Russians hit school in Kharkiv with missile

Russians bombard Kharkiv

Footage showing first minutes after Russian attack on Kharkiv posted by Ukraine's police – video

Three strikes by Iskander or Kinzhal missiles, gas explosion – Police on attack on Kharkiv – photo

1 dead, 45 wounded, extensive damage, huge craters and burned vehicles – aftermath of Russian attacks on Kharkiv – photo, video

Large-scale attack on Kharkiv: 1 killed, over 40 wounded, 4 in critical condition

Journalists of ZDF German TV channel under attack in Kharkiv

Russia claims it killed Ukrainian intelligence officers in attack on Kharkiv hotel, Ukraine's Defence Intelligence says it's nonsense

Russian forces strike Kharkiv: two bodies retrieved from rubble in Borova

Russians hit Kharkiv Palace hotel with Iskander-M missiles – police

Fires break out as Russians attack Kharkiv with Shahed drones, targeting civilian infrastructure – photo, video

Large-scale Russian attack on Kharkiv: 26 civilians injured, including teenagers and British journalist – photo

Russians bombard Kharkiv 10 times: 1 person killed, 8 more injured

Russian missiles hit transport depot and residential building in Kharkiv at night – photo

Russians strike near residential buildings in Kharkiv twice

Multiple explosions rock Kharkiv

Aftermath of nighttime attack on Kharkiv dealt with: 1 person injured, houses and cars damaged

Russians attack Kharkiv with S-300 missiles: Destruction and victims observed

Russians bombard Kharkiv

Man who adjusted Russian missile at Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration sentenced to life imprisonment

Russian forces attack Kharkiv on Sunday: S-300 missile hits close to two entertainment venues

Explosions rock Kharkiv, damage infrastructure

Ukraine's Security Service detains Russian spy adjusting missile attack on Kharkiv

Polish volunteer soldier dies in Kharkiv hospital after car accident

Part of 100-year-old college is demolished in Kharkiv following Russian drone damage

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast with at least 10 drones

Explosions rock Kharkiv: Civilian targets hit

16-tonne mine clearance vehicle developed in Kharkiv

Casualties of Russian missile strike in Kharkiv Oblast rise

7 people in serious condition after Russian missile attack on Kharkiv Oblast