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Aftermath of attack on Kharkiv: death toll increases, some injured – photo

Russian attack on Kharkiv: three rescue workers killed in repeated strike

Russians bombard Kharkiv with attack drones, explosions heard

Messages about offensive on Kharkiv are Russian psyop – Ukraine's Defence Intelligence

Kharkiv needs over US$10 billion for reconstruction; mayor explains how city deals with power issues

Kharkiv mayor says no grounds for evacuation from city

Russians hit Kharkiv with guided bombs, causing destruction: buses, lorry and car on fire

Russians strike civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv

Russians attack residential area in Kharkiv, one wounded

If Russians move on Kharkiv again, it will become fatal for them – Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief

Russian offensive on Kharkiv is currently impossible – Ukraine's Center for Countering Disinformation

Explosions rock Kharkiv and Dnipro

Police post video of Kharkiv after Russian aerial bomb attack – photo, video

Russians strike residential area in Kharkiv, killing 1 and wounding 19, children among them – video

Kharkiv restores power supply to all critical infrastructure after Russian attacks

Russians hit Kharkiv with anti-ship missile, injuring one person – photo

Kremlin is not ruling out Putin's plans to seize Kharkiv

Eight Russian drones downed over Kharkiv Oblast overnight

Explosion rocks Kharkiv

Electricity supply situation in Kharkiv may be improved by the end of the week

Kharkiv metro resumes operation

Thermal power plant and all transformer substations in Kharkiv destroyed

Russian forces attack Kharkiv, hitting industrial zone

Kharkiv: one third of houses with electricity, half with heating

Kharkiv: Russians strike again as firefighters extinguish fire, injuring emergency worker and police officer – photo

Explosion rocks Kharkiv

Explosions in Kharkiv: mayor says fires break out and electricity issues occur

Police identify four victims of 20 March missile attack on Kharkiv

Russian attack on Kharkiv: 5 people are missing

Zelenskyy on Russia's attack on Kharkiv: Ukraine will respond even more precisely